Starship Troopers

The following recording plays in your bunk in the nights prior to the mission after 2200 hours standard cycle. Hypnopedia entries routinely cover such issues as drill, order of battle and platoon organization, seniority of rank, and the duties of officers ranked above and below you, so that you are able to memorize them and seamlessly undergo leadership transition or changes of battle plan even in the worst of circumstances under fire in combat. When you dream of this mission though, you seem to wake up shivering half the time. Exterminating a planet is no mean or easy task and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever been asked to do before.

“Sleep well Trooper. Beginning briefing, Operation Eight. The target planet is Sogroth, also called Ke’Sogroth (hn. ref. attached article ‘Tarka planetary naming conventions’) and lies at the fringe of Tarka Imperium territory. The planet is a forward base of investment by enemy civilians and is among the list of first colony worlds to be destroyed by a multi-pronged Federation attack in pursuit of the end of the current war – further details classified.

Sogroth is a medium size 6 world with dense, heavy atmosphere and a vibrant jungle ecology, the product of extensive alien terriforming. The world will be warmer than is comfortable or normal by human standards but has a breathable atmosphere – MI suits will not be equipped with additional oxygen supply or non-standard retrofitting for this op. By all indications it is being prepped for large shipments of colonists from the enemy Capital Systems. Its current population is estimated at between 40 and 60 million, majority civilians. Intelligence reports place military threats at low to moderate; the planet has not been heavily reinforced. Significant hardware has not been observed and main threat consists of citizen militias (hn. ref. article ‘Tarka civilian military establishment’).

Undertaking this mission are the Federation troop carriers Colonel Bowie, Rodger Young and Dick Winters. Should critical mission failure result, evacuate to one of these respective ships’ pickup points and accomodations will be made for your safe evacuation.

Fox Company has been given the primary objective of destroying several enemy cities in the southern hemisphere. You are assigned to the Third Platoon. Your drop zone is in the immediate vicinity of an enemy homestead complex. First destroy this settlement, then spread out and destroy two other settlements; the first is located at 30 South, 18 West and the second at 14 South, 44 West. The goal of this mission is the destruction of enemy cities and to inflict maximum losses in material, terraforming environment and enemy lives. The Sky Marshal’s strategy directives are to seek capitulation of the enemy through the repitition of such tactics in future operations. Inflict as much damage as possible. To this end Platoon Sergeants will be equipped with tactical thermonuclear rockets to ensure the destruction of population centers.

Secondary objectives include gathering additional intelligence information and taking a small number of manageable prisoners if possible. Should the enemy planet broadcast and seek large scale surrender, every effort will be made to observe the established interstellar protocol. However the lack of space for prisoners aboard the troop carriers and their support fleet and our limited manpower (hn. ref. article ‘Capellan insurgency’) have led the Sky Marshal to urge that the enemy population be reduced by at least 50% before accepting any broadcast terms. Of particular value to Federation Intelligence would be working armored combat vehicles, high ranking living Tarka specimens (especially ‘Changed’ males), and working datacaches in Urdu Kai for further translation study.

Attached to your personal data profile accesible at your terminal or from your account on dataslates throughout the ship is the Hypnopedia entry for the Tarka race. All knowledge contained in the Hypnopedia is general information with a Secret rating. It is a criminal offense to share such information outside of your existing chain of command. You are urged to study the enemy: knowledge is power. The operation begins in 5 days. This briefing cycle will repeat at 2200 hours tomorrow. On D-Day minus 3 hours you are to report for final briefing by Commanding Officer Lieutenant Pennington in the War Room before before retiring to the Drop Pods where you will perform routine checks and diagnostics on armor and weaponry before executing your objectives. Any questions should be referred to the CO during final brief. Rest easy soldier."

See attached documents for further details regarding Tarka society, culture and physiology as well as photo-imagery of your troop carrier.

Link: Intelligence dossier on Tarka race.



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