Amstill Brown

The Captain and CO of Fox Company


Amstill Brown

Reputation: Reserved
Current Rank: Captain
Starting Rank: Sergeant

Fighting Ability (FA): 8
Non-Fighting Ability (NFA): 7

KILLS: 200


A Mess

ARMOR? Y (Command)

WEAPONS Close Near Far
Slug Rifle 1 d6 2d6
Side Arm 2d6 2d6 N/A
Hand-to-Hand 1 N/A N/A



  • Loyalty and Brotherhood


  • Compassion separates sentient beings from animals


Medpack, Knife, Hydration tablets, TRM, combat drugs, flares, Drop Badge, Operation 8 Ribbon, Psionic Impaler, Selene ribbon, Fishhook Ribbon…

SPECIAL: EVAC, Orbital Bombardment, Air Support, Command Suit access


Sergeant Amstill Brown

You’re not sure exactly what made you want to enlist. Maybe it was some relative with their war stories, a father or an uncle who encouraged you to serve. Mother was against it, but you felt the call and you answered it, eager to prove yourself and earn your franchise. Political and philosophical issues interested you, History and Moral Philosophy being one of your favorite high school classes – even if it was a requirement for everybody in order to graduate. It somehow suited you that everyone needed to take it, but nobody needed to pass it. It was a class that was geared towards really LEARNING something – not just passing a set bar. You enjoyed it, and the teacher gave you no easy breaks. You always thought he particularly disliked you, until he wrote you a letter of recommendation upon hearing you had joined up. Turns out he was a veteran of course, and knew the Sergeants who would train you at Camp John J. Pershing.

You’d heard that training was tough but nothing, not even your huge collection of war holovids, prepared you for boot camp. You trained at Camp John J. Pershing, and it was without question a terrible, dehumanizing experience at first, where neither your instructors nor your fellow soldiers seemed to give a damn about you. You’re still not entirely sure how you managed to not flunk out, but sheer stubbornness kept you going. As time went on and you endured the rough physical training, deliberately cruel treatments, hard work details and so on, you found that there became a grudging respect for you from your fellow recruits and your trainers. The final phase of training was being dropped alone for a week and a half in the Rocky Mountains, naked, without any simple tools. You’re not sure how you survived that either, but you must have learned something since you graduated and got your Trooper’s bar on your uniform.You continued to wait several weeks at your training camp, Camp John J. Pershing until being shipped out to L5 Orbital Station and boarding your new and current home, the Federation troop carrier Dick Winters. You’re assigned to an outfit known as Penny’s Pathfinders; Company F, Second Regiment, Fourth Mobile Infantry Division. Yours is part of the Third Platoon, consisting mostly of new soldiers. The Dick Winters is Fox Company’s home, and your regiment (stretched across several other troop carriers) is known generally as the Deuce-Four.

Then you were sent to Capella.

The war had been going on for several years by the time you got there, and the place was a complete mess by the time you arrived. Human factions killing other humans, entire neighborhoods being bombed, street gangs warring with one another – but by far the most dangerous enemy were the Tarka rebels themselves, the reptilian aliens known by most soldiers as the Crocs. You’ve been told that the communities of Humans and Tarkas lived side by side before the fighting broke out, and that it started when the Crocs called in their imperial military to resolve some local dispute – but it was hard to believe that there had been anything other than a cycle of violence there. During your 18-month tour of duty on Capella you witnessed some of the horrors of war, and served in 21 combat ready patrols in a counter-insurgency campaign. You were promoted when your previous Sarge was wounded and had to take extended medical leave. You were relieved when Lieutenant Pennington announced the recall of Fox Company to Terra to take on replacements, as casualties in the platoon were very high with several Troopers killed or wounded.

Six months ago you took on replacements, and your platoon was rotated to be mostly fresh faces. There’s Corporal Cobalt Glawson, who’s kind of an ignorant xenophobe who’s always talking about how superior the human race supposedly is, who served in the last few months also on Capella. There’s Lou Masterson; it is known that he was some kind of washed up former football star on Terra. And then there is Harrison Jones, who has a reputation for being a badass. His personnel file says that in the final phase of training at Camp Pershing he tore a pack of mountain wolves apart with his bare hands and fed on them for the rest of his time in the mountains.

The ship was abuzz with talk of a tough and dangerous mission that the Company was about to be sent on as the Dick Winters left the station. The details of that mission will be the contents of another message sent prior to your first mission.

Amstill Brown

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