Chandra Bakhtiar

Quiet professional soldier, Fox Co's own Guardian Angel


First Sergeant Chandra Bakhtiar

A veteran Sergeant, having seen dozens of missions and served during the First Space War, he is approaching his 17th year of service with the Mobile Infantry. He has overseen the Junior Grade training of eight lieutenants who have gone on to become full lieutenants or rise to higher rank, including Captain Pennington; two other Provisional Officers assigned to his squads have been killed in action. Psych profile is that of an infantry career Sergeant; although repeatedly offered battlefield commissions he has declined to pursue higher rank. He is known to be a pious Muslim. Cool under fire, an excellent tactician and organizer. He acts as Weapons & Armory Chief for the entire Company.

He was nearly killed on Melpomene when his platoon was ambushed and he was captured by the nefarious Zuul ‘Rippers’ who planned to interrogate and consume him. Staff Sergeant Masterson and Lieutenant Brown staged a daring rescue which narrowly succeeded. After this incident, Bakhtiar and Brown’s relationship began to improve, but Bakhtiar had already decided to leave the Company to accept a training position back on Earth. He blamed himself for the loss of so many Troopers to date, including the unfortunate death of Corporal Glawson during Operation Fishhook prior to the search and rescue drop on Melpomene.

After the Battle of Klendathu, Bakhtiar volunteered and was accepted to return to Fox Company with the best of his training cadets as part of a wartime emergency surge. In the final battle on Sanctuary, Bakhtiar’s heroic actions earned him a Capellan Cross and saved the livee of Lieutenant Glenn and Captain Brown.

Chandra Bakhtiar

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