Jed Clive

Unsophisticated country boy from Sheol


Trooper Clive joined Federal Service as an alternative means of repaying the public debt;
namely a prison sentence for Armed Robbery on Sheol. This is a unique option open only to colonists from that world, as other Terran planets have no such law and crime is notably higher on Sheol, making it an attractive option for those who can be approved for it. Trooper Clive served in Operation Eight and as part of a group of picked men in the rescue operation on Selene. He was suspended pending a full investigation of a legal violation which occurred in the hours prior to the Selene op. Due to his unique Federal Service contract he is expected to complete his tour without incident or risk expulsion from Federal Service and be returned to Sheol for incarceration. This caused tension between his direct CO, Amstill Brown, and a military police adjutant, Dennis Sacco. This conflict dogged both Brown and Clive for the duration of Brown’s tenure and resulted in a court martial after Klendathu.

Jed’s simple country boy antics and his straightforward manner, as well as his ability to inflict massive damage in the Mauler suits he favored, endeared him well to those who served with him.

Jed Clive

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