James Glenn

Lovable young rookie who steadily comes into his own.


James Glenn is Third Platoon’s youngest member. He trained at Camp John J. Pershing, was transferred to Fox Company and served in Operation Eight and the Selene Operation. While he did not distinguish himself in either mission as an above average soldier, he performed his duty professionally after recovering from a mild sickness subsequent to dropping on Sogroth, and claimed his first kills in the recent mission. It was noted by 1st Sergeant Bakhtiar that he did not discharge his weapon throughout his entire first mission.

At first Glenn was treated as a rookie, but over time he became a tried-and-true veteran who kept his cool during the battle aboard the Liir cruiser Drowned Light, even when his officers did not. Amstill Brown came to rely on his advice and good judgment in multiple engagements. When Brown assumed command of Fox Company, he made Glenn an NCO; in time, Glenn was eventually recommended to attend Officer’s Candidate School on Sanctuary in order to replace officers lost in the Klendathu campaign. During his training semester Sanctuary was invaded by the Arachnids hoping to wipe out the critical Navy shipyards and other military installations there. During the Battle of Espiritu Santo, Glenn acted bravely and acted independently to hold of Arachnids attacking the Officer’s Candidate School until Fox Company arrived in a timely rescue.

James Glenn

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