Heals one health level.


A basic starting tool of all PCs. It can heal one health level of a PC or preserve an NPC’s life.


The Interplanetary Federal Red Cross and Crescent is responsible for issuing to the military a basic, lightweight combat medical case and keeping military standards up to date. The current case contains standard healing tools which can be manipulated in combat zones, even under enemy fire. This kit includes cutting tools to rip away areas of the densely fiber-muscled Marauder tools to provide easy access to the wounds, unsophisticated basic surgery tools such as clamp, scissors, gauze and adhesive strips, as well as sanitary plastic wire and quick-seal plastiflesh to treat superficial flesh wounds.

In recent years a debate has been ongoing about whether to update the kit to include magnets which could pull shards of shrapnel out of flesh, but studies have been inconclusive about whether such surgical methods could be adequately performed in battlefield conditions.


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